How it all began

Veröffentlicht auf 27. Januar 2013

In my early years of life I always felt annoyed when my mother bought handbags. I thought "what for"?! I was much more interested in normal childhood stuff; fairytales; nature... However, the older I got, the more I discovered my passion for fashion. I started to show interest for Longchamp bags (yes really!) and glittery fashion bits and bops. I got to know the big brands like Gucci, Louis Vuitton and Prada. My female classmates were very keen on brands at the age of 16 - to mee it still didn't mean much. But the day came where it all changed. At 18 I went to a metropolis with my mom for a special occasion. We were browsing and having a real good time. And THEN my mom was like "let's go to Louis Vuitton". At that age I obviously didn't mind her suggestion anymore ;-)

So we went to Louis Vuitton. WOW.

I couldn't believe all the beautiful bags I saw. It was breathtaking, stunning, wonderful. My mom was asking me if I wanted to see some specific handbags - I think she understood that I was totally flashed. Of course I affirmed. And so many many purses and bags were shown to me and all explained in detail what the fabrics were, special features etc. Despite the many different and absolutely amazingly beautiful bags, I immediately fell in love with the Louis Vuitton Manhattan PM bag. And that was the very first milestone in my handbag addiction story.

How it all began

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